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Ways through which Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Investor is Advantageous

Many people prefer to sell their homes with services of realtors simply because this is how things have always been done. As old as it is, the method of selling homes through realtors is often time consuming and expensive, but not the only choice you have. Apart from selling through a realtor, you should consider selling your home to a real estate investor, especially if you are looking to sell quickly. Listed below are several advantages of selling your home to a real estate investor.

Selling your home with a realtor is time consuming since you house might stay on the market for up to six months waiting for a buyer which does not favor you if you are looking to sell quick. A person looking to buy your home through an agent will probably have to apply and qualify for a loan, which only consumes more time, while the inspection procedure has to happen too. Unlike selling through realtors where clients have to apply for loans from banks which might take time or might not come through, a real estate investor pays with cash.
The new owner of your home will need it in a good condition, which means you will have to pay for repair expense if you are selling through a realtor. Real estate investors will make you an offer they feel matches your house in its current condition and will bear the expenses of upgrading the house to a good condition. Selling to a real estate investor is advantageous because they are direct buyers and do not require commission for their services, unlike realtors.

If you list your home on the market through a realtor, it might take up to six months to sell which will not work in your favor if your lender is threatening you with foreclosure, which is usually in three months. Instead of wasting the little time you have listing your home on the market through a realtor, sell it a real estate investor and get the cash to enable you move on. Since real estate investors do not stay in the houses they buy, its location mean very little to them, they will buy your house regardless of its location, pay you in cash and then renovate it with the objective if reselling.

If you are looking to sell an inherited house that has legal issues, doing the business through a realtor might not be possible but a real estate investor will buy from and can even help you navigate those legal issues. If you are selling through a realtor, you will be needed to clean the house thoroughly before the new owner moves in. If you are looking to sell your house fast without all the complicated paperwork, it is beneficial you consider a real estate investor.

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